Right now I’m  throwing for a number of things.  I’m throwing for fall and winter sales on Etsy, for commissions, for a spring show, for the League of NH Craftsmen gallery shops and the big League craft fair next summer.  This canister set could be for any of the above, really.  This piece has been a throwing project for myself.  I wanted to challenge myself with a larger “set”.  Generally when I come up with a throwing list, I first include my commissioned pieces before I start creating other pieces.  I also include items that continue to sell-out:  earring trees, mugs, teapots and serving pieces.  The rest of my product list are pieces I want to throw and sell at my shows.  Along with my throwing product list, I like to always try to be working on a specific project just for me, like a sculpture for instance.  I have been wanting to make a four-piece canister set for a while.  It was on my throwing list for my show, but I bumped it up to the top of the list simply because I wanted to throw something a bit more challenging and exciting then another 30 mugs.  I made a set a while back that got horribly warped in the drying process (I was much too impatient) and it never made it.  I actually have one of the canister jars sitting in my room with a lid that doesn’t fit holding loose change.  This one, has already been trimmed and is drying out on my work table waiting for a bisque firing.  Now I just need to decide on what glaze I want to use.  If you have a favorite, give me your suggestions.






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