I started making square plates a few months ago.  I roll out clay into a nice flat slab and then press the clay into my molds.  I trim up the edges and then let them dry until I can pop them out of the molds, smooth any rough spots and then stamp my signature on the bottom of the plate.  It is fun to finally see these plates fully glazed.  Lunch plates are for sale on the Etsy shop and you can check them out here.  Dinner plates are coming as well as about 100 other pieces!  I have not had a lot of finished work come out of my kilns in a while because of moving studios, then working on some kiln maintenance and a whole whirlwind of other things going on this fall.  I am excited to have my work start flooding the kiln.  Truly, I have so many bisque pots sitting on my shelves ready to be glazed and fired.  This morning in the studio was spent simply prepping all my pots for a glaze firing.  Expect to see lots of work surfacing the first week of December on through.






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