Sharing Coffee & Plans for 2015


It may be January 22 and not the first of the year, but it is certainly not too late to share my plans for 2015!  Better late than never – plus sometimes these things just need more time to think about.  I think I always get ambitious in my plans for a new year.  I like to put big ticket items on my list because I’m a dreamer and I would rather work really hard towards something, perhaps lofty, and see it through.  If I don’t see it through and fail, well, then at least I know I can try it again with a new approach!

Andrew is my partner in all things – business included.  He is my favorite person to bounce around ideas with.  I appreciate that he lets me dream and dream big, but he also helps keep me on the ground.  He can talk sense into me (most of the time) when I have come up with an idea that is just too crazy and unrealistic.  There are many!  Being a strong-willed person, I usually try to talk my idea to the death with all the reasons why this is a good idea…only to end up hearing my own self talk in ridiculous circles before giving in to the fact that this particular idea may be too much.

I am in a different stage of life right now as an artist.  I do not just have all day to create and delve into my work.  The majority of my day and week for that matter, is spent with my children.  I am forever picking up toys, wiping noses, working on potty training, reading books, building with legos and train tracks, kissing boo boos, holding and cuddling, disciplining, cooking, not sleeping…  If you are a mom, well, you know!  There is more than enough work as a parent to fill one day without trying to add in anything personal.  As a ceramic artist, my creative time just looks different.  Not any less ambitious, just different.

I spend two long mornings a week in my studio and an evening or weekend here and there when all the stars align.  I love it!  I love that my boys will be growing up with art in their lives and in their home.  It will be all the more exciting when we get my home studio finished and I will be able to actually work right out of my own home.  So, to kick off my goals for 2015:  complete home studio.  2)  Do my first trunk show in Buffalo, NY.  3)  Participate in the League of NH Craftsmen’s annual juried craft fair.  4)  Compete in ArtPrize.  5)  Sell more of my work in the different League galleries.  6)  Make a documentary of my work.  7)  Blog more and share more with my readers and followers.

Ok, time to hit the ground running.  I have a lot to do!


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