On My Night Stand


Nearly every night, before I finally curl up under my covers and close my eyes, I take my rings off and put them on my night stand.  I love big rings and have been wearing lots of rings since high school, but I never could sleep in them (again, that’s probably because they were kind of big).  I definitely got my love of rings from my grandmother.  When she passed away a few months ago, I got to have a bunch of her rings.  Big, is an understatement for some of those rings.  She loved jewelry and big rings:  I love that I now get to wear a little bit of her every day.  When I take off my rings at night, I usually just put them on my night stand table, but ever since my two-year-old took it and lost it (this was my wedding band no less), I no longer just leave them on the table.  They now go in the drawer.  I say “they” because I did in fact, find my wedding band after a small panic attack.  My rings also come off a lot when I am working with clay or afterwards when I just need to really grease up my hands because they are so dry, they are cracking and splitting.  Long story short – I made ring stands today!  Definitely made one for my own use, but you will see these at my spring trunk show in New York this April.  I’m excited to see these glazed!

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