M2T Records Installation

IMG_2801The month of April was spent firing my kiln like crazy for my New York spring show, but it was also spent working on an installation piece.  I was contacted by M2T Records in Nashville with the idea to transform their logo into a three-foot-diameter art piece.  This was a really exciting proposal for me, that I hope is the first of many.  I set to work sketching my ideas for how this piece would come together.  I was trying to think of the best ways to recreate the logo in clay while keeping the integrity of the original design.  I decided to go with a mosaic piece that would incorporate some relief sculpting.  The logo was round, so I wanted to have some sort of round framework built that could withstand the weight of the piece and hang on a wall.  I hired out my dad to create the base and framework.  He is incredibly talented and I knew he would be able to produce what I wanted.  When he delivered it to me mid-April, I was blown away – it exceeded any expectations I had.  The next couple of weeks were spent rolling, cutting, wedging, sculpting, and forming the clay.  Everything managed to come out of the kiln in only two firings.  With everything fired (and an abundance of crystals) I took a couple of days to piece the whole mosaic together, secure each piece to the base and grout the entire thing.  Let me just pause here and say that cleaning up the grout was a bear, and my husband was a tremendous help with the clean-up!

It now hangs in the studio of M2T Records in Nashville and I am eager to get down there and see it for myself.  There are a lot of exciting things to come with this brand new label and its launch.   It was an honor to contribute to a small part of it in such a creative way.  When we delivered the piece, Andrew took a video of everyone’s reaction to the unveiling.  I will have to post that for you later…



m2t 1

m2t 2

IMG_2738m2t 3m2t 4IMG_2784IMG_2787IMG_2791IMG_2793IMG_2802

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  • Andrew Vogan

    Such a fantastic post about a truly remarkable masterpiece! 🙂 So happy with how beautifully this project turned out, Arryn xoxo WELL DONE!ReplyCancel

  • Wow, that is so impressive! The piece is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the process of making it!ReplyCancel

    • arrynvogan

      Thank you so much! It was definitely an exciting piece to create!ReplyCancel

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