In the Studio Lately…

studio work

I realize there has been some radio silence here on the web, but I assure you, the studio has been quite busy.  After completing my third trunk show, but first in NY, I have turned right around to start work for another trunk show, a potential pop-up show, work for the League of NH Craftsmen, commissions and gearing up for Christmas sales as well.  I have been producing a lot of new work that I am really excited about and have been stressing over work that needs to be done on my kilns.  I also have plans to overhaul the look of my website and incorporate some other new attributes to my artistic career.  Typically I have about a thousand ideas going through my mind at once and of course never have the time for all of them.

This summer is a bit slower-paced for my family, and I have been very much enjoying our home and the ones living in it.  It’s been a treat to take some studio time off (even though I pretty much love every ounce of it) and give myself a break.  I never want to lose sight of my first to roles:  wife and mother.  It’s a role I love having and I know it is a blessing to be.  I want my family to be a part of my work and grow up with art all around them, without it being all-consuming.  Keep on the lookout for news of my next show coming this fall, as well as a new look to my web and some snap shots of my home studio in the works!

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