21 Days

I have been quite silent on the blogging front for sometime, but I assure it has nothing to do with a lack of work.  2015 was, in fact, one of my busiest years with the least amount of time able to commit to my studio work.  Somehow, I managed to be the most productive with my time and I hope to carry that into 2016.  I think part of this was the fact that my time was limited, so I worked hard and efficiently.  I actually really enjoy blogging and keeping up with my website, but in reality, it gets last place on my long to-do list.  My husband and children come first and I fit my studio work into specially carved out times in the week.  Last year I produced a lot of work:  two trunk shows, a number of custom orders, some big commissions including an installation piece, and kept production high so to stay ahead for 2016.

My studio days have been lighter on the production side.  I’m trying not to throw too much at a time, should I need to stop earlier, so I don’t leave anything needing attention.  You see, I am scheduled to deliver my third baby, via c-section, in just 21 days.  21 DAYS!  When I read it and even type that out, it seems so short and so soon, but my body right now feels like it may as well be 21 weeks.  My baby bump is getting in the way quite a bit and I continually misjudge how big it is when I am working at my table or wheel.

My husband came by the studio this morning to help me bring some things home.  I was at the wheel doing some trim-work and asked him to snap a few pictures.  (You know when you think you look a certain way, but then see a picture of yourself and it sorta ruins your day…well that was my reaction to seeing myself in the pictures – so big!)  I’m not going to delete them though, because this is pregnancy and I do want to remember it all.  It is such a neat time and I am about to experience 3 children under the age of 4 for a few months.  It will be mayhem, but amazing!  Until then, I will keep plugging away at my work and hope a spring trunk show can be pulled off!

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