Wine & Dine


I have been wanting to make wine and dine appetizer plates for some time now.  These are my first two and I am really liking their shape and size.  I think it is fitting that they look like painter’s palates.  I often like to walk through kitchen stores just for ideas of what I could make in my studio.  While a plate like this may not see a lot of use like your normal dishes would, they sure are fun.  I found these appetizer plates at a kitchen store and bought the only two on the shelves.  They are a nice hard plastic, so they make for great molds for clay.  Using existing dishes and plates are a great trick for any clay studio.  I love finding an obscure shape, that can’t be thrown on the wheel, and using it as a clay mold.  I roll out the clay with a rolling-pin and then press it into the plate to create a nice even surface and even walls.  Then, I simply let them dry out under loose plastic for about a week.  I find that letting them dry this long allows them to reach a leather-hardness that enables the firm clay to pop off the mold easily without cracking.  Once they are off their molds, I let them sit until they are bone dry, then sand down the edges before firing them in the kiln.  I’m excited to get these glazed and see just how well they look and work with a wine glass!  These could make some really fun house-warming gifts or wedding gifts too.

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