Some of the last few items I have been making in the studio have been planters, like this one featured above.  With less than a week left in February, I must say I find myself dreaming about spring.  Part of this is encouraged by the planters I have been making – as I think about what to fill them with.  Also, we have had a VERY mild winter.  This is, however, New England.  You never know what will hit as far as snow goes, so we are certainly not in the clear.  I don’t consider us in the clear until April hits.  February has been a very busy month as I wrap up my work in the studio and prepare to take some leave while we adjust to life with three children.  Our baby is coming in 6 days.  6 DAYS PEOPLE!  In some ways this has felt like a rather long pregnancy.  Now that we are less than a week away, I realize I don’t have time to get everything done on my to-do list between now and next Tuesday.  When I was in the studio yesterday, my focus was to label my pedestals for their pots, stack collecting dishes on my shelves, make sure all greenware pots were out from under their plastic to finish drying and leave my space nice and tidy.  I will be out for 6-8 weeks and I want to be sure to return to a neat and clean studio.

Yesterday I actually unloaded my kiln that was full of bisque.  I am going to attempt to glaze a small batch of mugs and coasters and let that be my final act before baby.  I do realize there are only 6 days, so I’m not going to try to be a hero – some days by back and body just can’t take it anymore.  February has been a productive month and I’m excited to end it on such a sweet note.

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