Bowls & Babies


Babies and pottery – makes me swoon!  This is my own tiny one in one of my ivory crystalline bowls.  My good friend Anna took some newborn photos for us once we were all back home, out of the NICU and healthy.  It was so special to have these pictures taken and know that he is now doing great.  If you are unfamiliar with our baby news, follow me on Instagram and you can get filled in a bit on Brenner as well as see a more current feed of my work in the studio.  There is so much on my to-do list this week for both my home and my studio work.  I need to really get my kiln cranking since my spring show in Buffalo is right around the corner.  I’m starting off with a couple of bisque firings while I wait for the arrival of new elements and thermocouples for my kiln.  I can tell I need new ones by the looks of them and also by the way my glazes are coming out of the kiln.

Right now all three of my children are napping (angelic choir) and it is raining and dreary.  My tea just finished steeping and I’m about to head back to my room where I will finish folding laundry.  I will also be drawing up a plan of action for my time in the studio tomorrow.  So much to throw…I’m always building up inventory.  Happy Monday all and keep on the lookout for more news on my upcoming spring show.

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