Renewed Excitement


It has been quite some time since I have truly felt excited about certain aspects of my creative work.  Some of it felt mundane and important only because of obligation, while I longed to be working on other projects.  Part of the feeling came from my website.  I was just not satisfied with the way it looked.  It has taken me months to complete the facelift to my site.  Some of that was due to neglect while a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have three small children (four, two and seven months).  I don’t like to be on the computer during the day when they are up and active, so I would wait for the evenings.  Sometimes when the evening actually came and all three were in bed for the night, the house was picked back up and the kitchen cleaned, I didn’t want to sit at the computer and work.  When I did, I wouldn’t work for too long because my eyes would start to cross out of exhaustion.

This past weekend my husband was an absolute gem and gave me a solid day and a half to truly commit to finishing up my website and updating my Etsy shop.  It felt so good and I am so happy with the result.  It makes me excited to direct people towards my website and feel proud of it.  It excites me to get back into blogging – I really enjoy it.  I love getting to know other artists on a more personal level than just the depths of their work and what they create and I want to share that with my own followers and just be real!  I also love meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to leave comments, say hello and ask me questions.  In addition to getting back into blogging more, I’ve added a new shop link to Etsy (which is also updated), a vimeo link to see some studio footage, and a page dedicated to Young Living Essential Oils.  I hope you come back often.  I’ll be sharing a video soon that talks about my home studio in the making and an introduction to my family.

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